Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire stars Jun Ji-hyun as a Vampire Japanese Schoolgirl! Although technically she’s not a schoolgirl as she’s four-hundred-years-old. Saya has gone undercover to hunt her own kind. And these aren’t your typical bloodsuckers, they’re a lot uglier & not prone to sunburn.

Unfortunately, this live action adaptation of the classic anime takes a lot of artistic liberties. Not only is Saya much older, but now she’s now 1/2 human, which makes her seem like a rip-off of Blade. What’s worse, they gave Saya a buddy character to interact with… AND IT AIN’T HAJI!

There’s also frequent flashbacks to Saya’s childhood, which feel more forced than that time Peter Griffin… well you get the idea. They would have been better off starting the movie in the past and flashing forward with perhaps a single strategically placed flashback, instead of constantly pulling the audience out moment. It feels like you’re watching 2 movies (and not in a ‘wow what a bargain’ kinda way).
Bottom line: Unless your one of Saya’s Chevaliers watching this will crystallize you with disgust. If you don’t get any of those references just nod & smile (trust me it’s funny). But despite not-so-special effects and bad story telling, it’s not all bad…


  • Actress Masiela Lusha (imdb) can suck me dry any day
  • 1 afro-sporting vampire is cool enough, but twins!?
  • uh… Vampire Japanese Schoolgirl!