Andy Richter - Tonight Show with Conan O'BrienCritics are jeering his performance on last night’s premiere of The Tonight Show. No not Conan, Andy Richter. Rather than returning to his role as Conan’s lovable sidekick, Andy has stolen the equally lovable (but in a creepier way) Joel Godard’s position as announcer.

But peanut gallery would be a more accurate job title. Unsatisfied with just announcing, Richter constantly interrupted the talk-show host. I felt like I was watching a hyper Ed McMahon. The only upside was that his rambling on about “choco taco” which set Conan up to do his classic “please don’t drop sponsorship” shtick.

It’s a shame because I was really happy when I first heard Andy was coming back. But I haven’t given up him just yet. Andy has always shined in physical comedy and he will reportedly still participate in the show’s skits. Unfortunately there was so much show that he didn’t get the chance. But believe me he’s still got it, just check out this web exclusive for the new show (video below).