Homosexual DemonThere’s been a lot of debate about whether homosexuality is a choice or you’re born with it, but it turns out it’s neither.

It’s a demon that enters you (sometimes repeatedly).

A small Connecticut church is in hot water with child & gay advocacy groups after a performing a violent exorcism on a 16-year-old boy to cure him of his homosexuality (video below). A man, who ironically appears to mount the boy at one point, commands “Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now!”

Pastor Patricia McKinney of Manifested Glory Ministries says she’s even been getting death threats as a result of the video, but doesn’t understand the outrage. Me either.

What, ghosts can’t be gay?

More importantly, I think we’ve just found the perfect enemy for the next Ghostbusters movie. Hell, it practically writes itself. “When there’s something queer in your neighborhood who you gonna call? Gaybusters!” And then Peter yells, “Oh no, I’ve been slimed!” Ray responds, “That ain’t ectoplasm, my friend.”