Japan bans rape

Ethics Organization of Computer Software, to which 90% of adult-games belong, says it wants to control content that “deviates extremely from social norms.” The ban, which is self-imposed, is in response to a virtual witch-hunt by equalitynow.org over a game called Rapelay.

It’s peculiar why they chose to single out Rapelay (download here). There are much more perverted games such as Biko series, in which you stalking girls, and Eden series, in which you hunt girls as a tentacle. The ban seems more concerned with the game title than the actual content. Furthermore, it has no teeth to it or false teeth at best. Syrup Soft is changing the name of its latest game “Gang raped by the entire village ~girls covered in milky liquid~” to “The trap set by the entire village ~bodies covered in milky liquid~” but the actual content will be unchanged.