Super Mekuri Master skirt flipping anime video game

If you’ve ever watch any school-related anime, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with skirt-flipping (the after-school activity where you flip a girl’s skirt to get a peek at her panties).

Well now you too can unleash your inner perv with Mekuri Master AKA Skirt-Flip King.

This free flash game by challenges players to perfect their skills while being careful not to get caught. Unfortunately that means no stopping to admire your work! If your Mekuri meter drops too low it’s detention for you. On the other hand if you max the meter out, you will transform into Super Mekuri Master, which slows down time and makes molesting delinquents, girl gangs, and even counselors easy.

You’ll need fast hands if you have any hope of beating it  (pun intend). The game starts over with increasing difficulty after 5 stages (2 bonus stages) and the extra enemies mean more lag. It’s basically the one-night stand of video games. You’ll love it for the first 30 minutes, but then you’ll never want to play it again. Check out the tutorial video below or just jump right in @