Return of the Ewok - Ewok meets Darth VaderA long time ago at a movie studio far, far away a promo was made for Return of the Jedi called Return of the Ewok, but fearing another debacle like The Star Wars Holiday Special it was frozen in carbonite never to be seen again…

That is until a pirate alliance discovered plans to show the movie at a convention and made a bootleg copy (

The film follows Warwick Davis as he explores several ill-suited, but humorous, careers before eventually settling on a role in the next Star Wars movie as the lovable little Ewok, Wicket. Warwick throws himself into the role, staying in character as much as possible as he wanders on/off-set in his attempt to get home to Endor. One problem: none of the cast seems to even know what an Ewok is, much less where Endor is!

Return of the Ewok is required viewing for all Star Wars fans. First of all it’s hilarious, although you may need to rewind a couple of times to catch some of the jokes because of the poor quality. But don’t worry, there are plenty of scenes that need no words like when the little Ewok meets Darth Vader (picture above). Plus there’s some major nerd-candy via Princess Leia in her slave girl costume (new stuff)!!!