Captain America - RebornWhen Captain America was assassinated back in Captain America #25 everyone was in denial and not just fans. Even the Marvel Universe thought something smelled fishy so naturally they sent Wolverine to confirm it was really Cap and not just some stinkin’ Skrull. But the nose don’t lie bub.

So if Captain America really is dead, just how does Marvel plan to bring him back (as we all knew they would)?


You heard me true (dis)believer, a time gun. Captain America: Reborn #1 revealed that the involuntary sleeper agent Sharon Carter hadn’t killed Steve (much to her relief) rather she exposed him to tachyons, which caused him to become “unstuck in time.” Now Steve Rogers time travels Quatum Leap style with his consciousness bouncing between earlier incarnations of himself.

Unfortunately it won’t be as easy as putting the time gun in reverse. No matter where Captain American’s mind might be, his body’s still worm food. Of course there’s one body out there that’d be a perfect fit for him: his doppelganger 1950s “commie smasher” Cap, who was suggestively featured in Captain America #600.

But writer Ed Brubaker warns fans, “Just because we’re bringing back Steve, don’t think you know everything we’re going to do. I wouldn’t have ‘Captain America: Reborn’ be this big of a deal and not have some tricks up my sleeve.”

Hopefully one of those “tricks” will explain how Thor was chatting with Captain American’s ghost if he wasn’t really dead (pwned). Does this mean… A SOULLESS CAPTAIN AMERICA!?

And if Steve Rogers does return, will he even want to be Captain America?

Editor Tom Brevoort explains, “[But that all] assumes Steve will come back hale and hearty and fit for duty, both physically and emotionally, and that may not be the case. All during these months, while the world thought him dead, Steve’s been on a metaphysical journey of his own, and the experiences he’s lived through during that time are going to have a profound effect on his state of mind.”

And let’s not forget Cap’s legal status. He was shot on his way to stand trail for treason and I’m pretty sure being “reborn” doesn’t qualify as mitigating circumstances.

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