The X from Outer Space

X From Outer Space begins six missions to Mars are shot down by a UFO. The Fuji Astronautical Flight Center (FAFC) decides to send yet another crew to their certain doom because Mars is just that awesome [sarcasm].

Not surprisingly our heroes fare slightly better thanks to their new experimental nuclear-powered spaceship the AAB-Gamma AKA Astro-Boat. And although they never make it to Mars, they do manage to survive their encounter with the UFO long enough to collect some strange glowing spores, which they bring back to Earth for further study – BAD IDEA!

The spores eventually hatch a giant space chicken named Guilala, which you may recognize from commercial (video right). Sadly there are no mini-monsters in this movie but make sure you check out The Ladders Youtube channel for some hilarious commercial outtakes.

As Guilala destroys what looks like a cardboard city, the crew’s biologist Lisa discovers that the only thing which can stop this energy absorbing monster is the same energy reflecting shell he was hatched from, aptly dubbed Guilalanium. But it can only be created in a complete vacuum so it’s back to space and another encounter with the “mysterious” (read: bad writing) UFO. Initially, the FAFC scientists nonchalantly theorize about whether the UFO is from Venus or Mars, but their connection to Guilala is never explained. It seems as though the writers just wanted to throw in a UFO, perhaps to make up for the lack of action as Guilala does not appear until halfway through the movie!

But Guilala isn’t the only monster, there’s the green-eyed monster – jealousy! Throughout the movie Lisa competes with the much more reserved Michiko for the affections of Captain Sano. But while there are plenty of awkward moments, nothing ever comes of it. That is except for a very special after school message by Lisa in which she explains “Guilala taught me an important lesson… that there’s somebody else who loves Sano with all her heart.”

That Guilala, he’s the Dr. Ruth of kaiju.

Still sometimes good things come out of bad movies, like this fantastic fan-made music video (left). Damon Alexander & Ten Cent Rentals, a band that seems to have made a career out of singing about obscure movies, channel the Ramones as they narrate the plot to all the best scenes, so really there’s no need to watch it.