tweet your senatorOrganizing for America (OFA) is hoping to rush health care reform through by pressuring senators with a new twitter campaign.

Tweet Your Senator generates a pre-written messages based on your zip code such as:

“To Sen. Frank Lautenberg: Please support meaningful health insurance reform now #hc09 #NJ #07748″

It remains to be seen how effective the messages will be as most senators don’t have Twitter accounts.

Twitters can also edit the message & voice their opposition like I have:

“To Sen. Frank Lautenberg: A recession is not the time to tax/fine people for Health insurance reform. #hc09 #NJ #07748″

As a young healthy single man, I neither need nor want health insurance, which averages $4,704 for individuals. I damn sure don’t want MANDATORY health insurance under threat of a $1,000 dollar fine as proposed! The Congressional Budget Office estimates these fines will raise about $36 billion over 10 years. Not much when you consider the $1 trillion price tag for this reform, but $10,000 in fines over ten years is considerable price to pay for exercising my supposed freedom.

President Barack Obama wants to scare Americans into health care reform by making it sound like rising health cost will somehow make it impossible for you to ever see a doctor again, like they’re going extinct or something. The truth is it’s not doctors going extinct it’s their patients. Those rising costs are largely the result of unhealthy lifestyles. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity-related heath care rose to $147 billion in 2008, which is not-so coincidentally is about the same cost of health care reform.

The administration would have you believe greater access to health care will reduce overall cost through preventive care. You want preventive care, “Put down the donut!” (my bill’s in the mail)