G4 Attack of the Show - Epic Fail

In what can only be described as the ultimate irony of ironies, G4 Media Inc. sent Youtube a DMCA notice claiming copyright infringement for my “CLIP” from  Attack of the Show‘s Around the Net segment, in which they talk about & show other people’s “CLIPS” from around the net!

I feel like Bruce Lee in that mirror scene from Enter the Dragon except instead of fighting a badass villain with a claw hand, it’s some suit with a subpoena.

I had hoped this was all a malicious fraud by some Youtube user with too much time on their hands (even more than most) but I have received no response from either G4 or Host Kevin Pereira to the validity of this claim, which is disappointing since Kevin claims to be an advocate of free speech.

Well L7 World isn’t about to be beat by G4 TV. I know my Sesame Street, and L7 is like double G4. So I’ve made the following parody video (protected under fair use) of Kevin Pereira demonstrating the Shake Weight (original video bottom).