Miss Landmine pageant

The Miss Landmine isn’t your typical beauty pageant. The goal is to spread awareness about the dangers of landmines & other unexploded ordnance, while empowering their ‘survivors’ (as opposed to victims).

This year’s pageant was supposed to held in Cambodia, where there have been 40,000 amputations since 1979. But after years of negotiation the Cambodian government has suddenly changed its mind. “The landmine beauty contest would make a mockery of Cambodia’s landmine victims,” said a government spokesman.

The theme song didn’t help their case either: “There she is… for the most part.” (jk)

Organizer Morten Traavik remains undeterred and assures participants, “The event as planned is cancelled… But the project moves squarely to website voting.”

Cast your vote @ Miss-Landmine.org. The winner (announce December 31st) will receive a custom-built prosthetic limb. But you can also help support these wobbly women by purchasing a Miss Landmine t-shirt @ greerchicago.com.