A Boy and his BlobGet ready to relive your childhood as you & Blob return to Blobolonia to dethrone the Evil Emperor (what with him being evil ‘n all).

Blob is now capable of 15 different transformations to help aid you in your adventure. There’s even a button just for hugs! Not sure if it serves any actual purpose, other than being adorable of course.

But there’s no need to wait until the Oct 13th release date to get your hands on Blob. Visit the official website (aboyandhisblob.com) where you can email that special someone a virtual hug that’s sure to make them feel marketed to loved.

Blob’s not the only one to learn some new tricks though. The boy can now alternate how he calls Blob as opposed to only whistling, which frankly would getting annoying real fast.

The new trailer (video below) looks absolutely fantastic, not only is the gameplay hand-drawn so are the cutscenes!

This Nintendo exclusive is reason enough to finally go out and buy that Wii.
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