Dollhouse - Dr Saunders Whiskey (amy acker)Now that Miracle Laurie has left the show there’s only one doll left as far as I’m concerned and that’s Amy Acker.

Acker stole the show last night, showing us that mental breakdowns can be very stimulating as opposed to the zombiness that is Eliza Dushk.

After realizing that she too is a programmable person, Dr. Saunders confronted her creator Topher with a little TLC (who says doctor don’t make house calls anymore), only to reveal she can’t stand the smell of him and was just trying to… ahem,  get a rise outta him. In fact, she may not like men at all. When Saunders gives Echo a gynecological exam, Echo has flashback showing the two of them kissing.

Despite sexing up the show, it got its lowest ratings yet! It would be a shame if Dollhouse gets canceled just as Acker is starting to get her due (so watch it).

Fortunately though Acker seems to be going on to bigger and better things with a role on ABC’s new series Happy Town and Joss Whedon’s new movie The Cabin in the Woods, and judging by the poster we’ll get at least one more chance to ogle this doll.

The Cabin in the Woods