Beware! The Blob AKA Son of BlobBeware! The Blob, also known as Son of Blob, is a sequel that never takes itself too seriously, even breaking the fifth wall when a character is devoured by the Blob while watching the original movie.

However other than that one scene, no references are ever made to any previous encounters with the Blob as knowing its weakness from the get-go would make for a very short movie.

Beware! The Blob is more of a remake than a sequel. It rehashes most of the original plot with one major difference: hippies!

Naturally when police start getting reports of a big red blob eating people they assume the kids are tripping and most of them are but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Even after more than a decade since the Blob first oozed over its slow moving victims, the special effects aren’t particularly impressive and most of the deaths, including two hobos played by Larry Hagman & Burgess Meredith and a Scout Master played by Dick Van Patten, occur offscreen, which is unfortunate. Watching Dick snap at his rambunctious scouts is funny enough, but just imagine him scolding the Blob!

Probably the only people who will actually find this incarnation of the Blob scary are animal lovers as it has no qualms about what it eats, even the cute kitten we watch playfully frolic around for the first three minutes of the movie so don’t get attached to any animals that pop up. THEY WILL DIE!!!

Although seeing the Blob attack a very naked Turkish man appropriately named “the naked Turk” is pretty scary but in an entirely different way (exclusive trailer above). Hagman was reportedly high himself when he directed this and it shows.