Japan's First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama - eats the sunIn the land of Godzilla and contorted ghost girls, perhaps the scariest thing in Japan is its new First Lady.

Miyuki is outshining her newly elected husband Prime Minister Yukioi Hatoyama with the revelation that she likes to “eat the Sun.”

She demonstrated this ability on a Japanese talk show by grasping at the air and tearing pieces off the sun that only she can apparently see.

So how does the Sun taste? “Yum, yum, yum,” says Miyuki. “I get energy from it. My husband also does this.”

When Miyuki isn’t devouring the Sun, she enjoys visiting Venus but not surprisingly leaves her body behind. She’s even writing Tom Cruise’s next movie, he just doesn’t know it yet. But that’s okay explains Miyuki, “I remember that he and I were together (in a previous life). I believe he’d get it if I said to him ‘long time no see’ when I meet him.”