NES #1 Videogame Console of all TimeCongrats NES you may be nearly 1/4 century old with a mere 8-bits worth of graphics and sure you had to blow the dust out sometimes to get it to work but you’re still the #1 videogame console of all time, at least according to IGN.

Now don’t get me wrong, NES was my 1st love but #1? It’s like National Geographic doing a list of the top 25 homonids. Based on what exactly?

Unfortunately IGN’s not saying. The video countdown dedicates all of 20 seconds to each console before summarily passing judgment.

Even if we’re talking most influential, the Atari 2600 wins hands down. And how is it that the Xbox 360 with its motion sensor, Natal, or the PS3 with its Blu-ray & free online gaming are not in the top 5?

Watch the whole thing below or just skip to the bottom of this page to see the “results.”

Top 25 Videogame Consoles (according to
  1. NES
  2. Atari 2600
  3. Playstation 2
  4. Super NES
  5. Sega Genesis
  6. Xbox 360
  7. Playstation
  8. Dreamcast
  9. Nintendo 64
  10. Nintendo Wii
  11. Xbox
  12. Colecovision
  13. Turbografx-16
  14. Intellivision
  15. PS3
  16. Nintendo Gamecube
  17. Atari 7800
  18. Sega Saturn
  19. Neo Geo
  20. Sega Master System
  21. Magnavox Odyssey 2
  22. 3DO
  23. Atari 5200
  24. Atari Jaguar
  25. Magnavox Odyssey