Plan 9 (Plan 9 from Outer Space remake)
It’s the remake no one asked for, Ed Wood’s cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space! It’s nonsensical plot about aliens that reanimate the dead to stop the Earth from making a sun-bomb, non-existent production value ($60,000), and a drugged up Bela Lugosi earned it the title of “worst movie ever made” but that didn’t discourage the people “pulling the strings” behind Plan 9.

Long before people were lining up in droves for midnight screenings of The Room, the cult classic cartoon Mission Hill was spoofing Plan 9 from Outer Space as a movie so bad that it’s good.

Plan 9‘s director John Johnson will be doing a live Q + A on this Sunday (9/13) 8PM. And don’t forget to visit the official movie website for any updates.

Plan 9 remake gets new trailer and distributor