American Dad - Halloween SpecialJust in time for Halloween there’s a brand new L7 World webcomic: American Dad – Halloween Special. At least I hope it’ll be done in time. What started as a 3 panel short on Klaus has turned into 10 spooktacular (yeah I said it) panels. Now I “just” have to scan them, do the line art, and color them (flash). So don’t expect any updates till that’s done.

Oh and just to tease your imaginations, everyone will be dressed up for a costume party!


Wow this took forever, but it’s finally done! And I gotta say it was totally worth it. Hell, I get a kick out of reading it and I wrote the damn thing. I’ve already thought of another storyline for American Dad, but that won’t be for a while (if at all). And now that I’ve done an American Dad & Family Guy webcomic, I almost feel obligated to do one for The Cleveland Show.

Anyways (belated) Happy Halloween!

American Dad comic – Halloween Special