Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle
Life’s never been better for Danny Wormwood. He’s a big-time TV exec who’s killing the competition. His girlfriend forgave him for cheating on her. And his pal’s making a miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Did I mention he’s the Antichrist?

As such, bad things tend to gravitate towards him. Wormwood’s business rival has found some supernatural talent. His girlfriend is pregnant with… well, who knows what. Oh, and that pal of his just happens to be Jesus, as is the anti-Antichrist!

All the signs seem to point to Armageddon, which frankly is the last thing this apathetic Antichrist wants. Wormwood is happy to leave humanity to its own devices, much to the chagrin of his father.

Not only does casting the Antichrist as an antihero make for truly thought provoking commentary on religion, it spawns some devilish humor. Wormwood is capable of using magic to change one thing per day. The most prolific of those changes is a talking rabbit that doubles as the Antichrist’s sidekick.

Even if don’t you like irreverent humor, you’ll love to hate Wormwood. And while you don’t need to read the back issues to enjoy it, you’ll find it too tempting not to.