The “Boy Wonder” has long been suspected of playing for the other team (and I’m not talking the Injustice League) – well wonder no longer! Robin finally came out of the cave in Detective Comics Annual #11.

A disguised Robin is being held captive by some demons in the sewer. After he reveals himself, he escapes through a MANHOLE! But upon coming out he is assaulted by a succubus. He tries to run away and pleads with her “I don’t–won’t–feel that way.” Helpless against her advances he writhes on the ground like Superman exposed to Kryptonite.

He’s saved only by the appearance of the sword wielding superhero Azrael, who asks him if he can “get up?” Sure enough he can and he takes a stimulant to counteract those scary feelings. The couple goes back to back and Azrael crosses his TWO SWORDS!

Nuff said.