Inuyasha - The Final Act (kagome demon)

After abruptly ending 5 years ago, Inuyasha: The Final Act picks up right where it left off with one major difference it’s being simulcast on Hulu!

If you’ve never seen it or just need a little refresher, Inuyasha is a half human, half demon from Feudal Japan that teams up with a time traveling high school student named Kagome to retrieve magical jewel shards capable of increasing a demon’s powers. Standing in their way is a demon called Naraku, who creates several incarnations of himself including an infant that represents his once human heart. The infant is absorbed by Moryomaru the creation of Hakudoshi, who is yet another incarnation of Naraku.

Confused yet?

Don’t worry all you really need to know is that by this point in the story everyone wants a piece of Naraku, even his own allies. Plus there’s lots of flashbacks and expository dialogue to help jog your memory.

The subs are good but don’t expect Inuyasha to be cursing like sailor as in the fansubs. Also neither the opening nor closing are translated at all, which seems pretty lazy since they’re the same every week. It simulcasts every Saturday with a total of just 13 episodes but who knows if the ratings are high enough perhaps it won’t be the final act.