Marge Simpson is celebrating 20 years on TV, not including The Tracey Ullman Show, by letting her hair down in the November issue of Playboy. But don’t plan on getting an answer to that age-old question ‘does the carpet match the drapes?’ There will only be “implied nudity” except for a nip slip in a sheer nightgown (censored in the above image). The reserved nature of the photos are not surprising considering the photographer. “The Marge Simpson pics were shot by Homer,” according to Hugh Hefner. However magazine editor James Jellinek promises fanboys “It’s very, very racy.” Just take a gander at this exclusive Playmate Data Sheet. It’s so exclusive you won’t even find it in the magazine.

Marge Simpson Playboy Playmate Data Sheet

When Marge got the call to be in Playboy, Homer denied any knowledge of the magazine despite it being hidden around the house. Marge said Lisa was proud of her empowering women but Bart will never find out about it. She only agreed to do the photo shoot for charity, specifically gazebos.

“Gazebos are disappearing, people, and they’re not coming back!”

Marge Simpson may be a MILF but the mother considers herself a “MILK–Mom I’d Like to Know.”