New Super Mario Bros Wii - Super Guide Cheat (gay)
Bros. before hoes.

It seems Mario has become so frustrated with constantly having to save her royal highness that he’s decided to cheat with Luigi!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii promises to be one of the most difficult games yet according to Designer Shigeru Miyamoto. But Miyamoto doesn’t want to alienate casual gamers so he’s created an innovative help mode called “Super Guide” that lets players cheat by having a computer controlled-Luigi beat the game for you. This feature appears automatically when the player dies 8 times during a level. The computer isn’t perfect though. When Kotaku previewed a pre-release version of the game “Super Guide Luigi died halfway through the level.” And don’t expect the computer to unlock all the secrets or collect all the coins for you. Think of it as an autopilot that just gets you from point A to point B. At any point the player can retake control.

If only this had been around back when Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace came out. Oh the quarters I would’ve saved!