Bomb Queen (obama's baby mama)It’s not another Ebonics faux pas courtesy of Fox News. Barack Obama really does have a baby mama – Bomb Queen!

In a new 4-part  miniseries titled Oh-Bomb-Ah!, President Obama vows to close the supervillain-run New Port City. Unlike the previous president, the saintly Obama can’t be blackmailed into looking the other way or as the Bomb Queen so eloquently puts it, he’s “cleaner than jerking off with a vacuum hose.” That all changes though when she obtains video footage of Obama entering an unnamed building. Later when her henchmen break into the building, an obscured sign appears to say Chicago University of Embryology. It seems Bomb Queen made an early withdrawal from Obama’s sperm bank because in issue #3 shes pregnant! Does this mean she’ll be killing for two now or will Barack make an honest woman of her? (probably not the latter)