It’s not the first time Doctor Who has been animated but it’s got a whole nother feel to it when it gets the anime treatment, complete with fan service!

The anime short is set in Japan (naturally) and features shiny Daleks, spry Cybermen and the Master, who looks like he’s about to yell “Hail Zeon!”

Who can save Japan?

Only the most badass Time Lord of them all – the Third Doctor. This intergalactic man of mystery was practically made for anime — what with his ostentatious clothes, karate moves, and literally out of this world gadgets. No word yet whether we’ll see the Whomobile combine with the TARDIS to make a time traveling mecha.

Doctor Who Anime is the personal project of Paul Michael Johnson AKA OtaKing, an animator at Theta-Sigma (ThetaMation). You can watch the progress of making what Johnson calls a “proper” Doctor Who anime @ &