Supergod - Warren EllisEver wondered whose god would win in a fight? More importantly who would lose?

“The man in the sky is not coming to save you,” is the premise behind Warren Ellis’ new mini-series Supergod.

Amid a burning London, a scientist named Reddin recounts the superhuman arms race that ignited the Apocalypse. The superhumans aren’t evil per se.  In fact, the most dangerous ones are those that want to save us, if only from ourselves. Krishna, a clone with artificial intelligence, decides that the best way to save India is with some involuntary population control. A fearful Pakistan launches a preemptive nuclear strike only to have Krishna send the nukes flying back at them. Although he erects a force field to contain the radiation, he strangely allows the debris to escape causing a nuclear winter. His reasons are his own. It’s one of many instances of Ellis drawing a parallel between superhumans & god, in that both are intrinsically unknowable.

Preview issue #1:

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