Sterling Archer

It’s the next best thing to a 3rd season of Frisky Dingo. Not only is Archer drawn in the same style, the main character bears an uncanny resemblance to Xander Crews.

Secret agent Sterling Archer is just as eccentric & self-centered, maybe more so but unlike Crews, Archer doesn’t have  a naked British alien as his archenemy. He has his Mother/Boss, who gives him the codename Duchess after her dog.

Creator Adam Reed chose not to reprise his role as lead instead using the very pedestrian sounding H. Jon Benjamin to help complete the image of fumbling agent, who succeeds despite himself. In fact, most of his “missions” involve covering his own ass or sabotaging his co-workers.

If you like the idea of a neurotic James Bond, who shoots from the hips (seriously, he’s got a gun in his underwear and that’s not a euphemism), check out Archer Thursdays @ 10 PM on FX.