Conan O'Brien runs from Tonight ShowConan O’Brien has decided to take the money and run rather than be bumped to 12:05 AM. NBC will pay out a reported $40 million, $10 million of which will be give to Coco’s crew. According to O’Brien’s publicist “That has been the first point in his discussions and would be a dealbreaker if his staff isn’t taken care of.”

Conan couldn’t save everyone on the show though. NBC will retain the rights to all bit characters including the infamous Masturbating Bear, who was frozen in Carbonite back on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in an effort to sanitize the show for an earlier time slot. But don’t be surprised if he get’s defrosted for one last appearance before Conan’s final show this Friday (Jan 22).

Of course Conan can always make new masturbating animals, just not a peacock. Any defamation of NBC, besides what they’ve already done to themselves, will result in hefty fines as will going to work for the competition before NBC gives the OK, most likely in the Fall (after Jay’s settled in).

You CAN go home again!

Even if Hollywood doesn’t want you, we still do. Here’s a very special invitation just for you courtesy of L7 World titled “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien – Do over” (video below).

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