TARDIS RegenerationThe Tenth Doctor isn’t the only one getting a major makeover this spring. As predicted way back in Journey’s End (link), the Doctor’s “most faithful” companion, the TARDIS, was destroyed fittingly enough in The End of Time.

New TARDISProduction stills show the new TARDIS will have some subtle exterior differences such as a fresh coat of paint, a new emblem on the door, and blacked out windows that form the letter “T” for TARDIS or perhaps it’s another clue like Bad Wolf. Be on the lookout for anyone or anything with the initials T.T.

The Doctor Who series 5 trailer reveals what appears to be the interior of the TARDIS but it’s what’s not seen that really gets your attention – a console! There’s even a moat around where the console should be.

Of course, it might just be unfinished. I could easily see a new console rising up from that hole a la Mr. Smith from the Sarah Jane Adventures.

TARDIS new consoleOn the bright side, the TARDIS seems to be as temperamental as ever, shooting sparks down on the Doctor. Interestingly there’s also a sparking red telephone box. Could this be the TARDIS with a (partially) working chameleon circuit?

Who knows?