Barack Obama Asian (blasian)Instead of worrying about whether Barack “Hussein” Obama was a secret Muslim, maybe we should have been worrying whether he was a secret blasian (black Asian).

President Obama’s kowtowing goes way beyond blatantly bowing down to the Prime Minister of Japan. Japan & China are already the two largest creditors of U.S. debt but now we’re just throwing money at them.

More than half of the $3 billion that we borrowed from them to finance the Car Allowance Rebate System (Cash for Clunkers) was used to buy their cars! But according to J.D. Power, normally 63% of the cars bought in America are made in America. In other words, Cash for Clunkers was actually a disincentive to buy American.

The Recovery Act didn’t fare any better.  There was a net job loss in the manufacturing for renewable energy last year, despite $2 billion in grants. It didn’t help that 80% of the money went to foreign companies, including $91 million to Eurus Energy America, a subsidiary of a Japanese-owned firm, and $178 million to Babcock & Brown, which used wind turbines manufactured in Japan.

This year China plans to join in the windfall by building a $1.5 billion wind farm in Texas. A-Power will receive $450 million in grants and create approximately 2,000 manufacturing jobs in China! Locally it will create only 300 temporary jobs and just 30 permanent jobs, which works out to about $1.4 million per job.

Nevertheless, Matt Rogers, senior adviser for the Recovery Act, defends building the turbines overseas, “those historically haven’t had buy American provisions and they don’t under the Recovery act either.”

Apparently Obama’s idea of energy independence is wind turbines with made in China labels.