leave Chloe aloneWhen it comes to love, Chloe Sullivan just can’t catch a break from Smallville writers. First there was her unrequited love for Clark. Then Jimmy broke up with her over her relationship with Davis, who she was only with to save Clark. When she finally gets back with Jimmy, they kill him. But just when you thought Chloe couldn’t get any more pathetic, they turned her into a pedophile!

In this week’s “Warrior” episode, Chloe met the man of her dreams and invited him back to her apartment to play with her “xbox.” Unfortunately, he really did want to play xbox, turns out he was a 10-year-old comic book geek that had been magically transformed into beefcake. It did end on an up note though. Green Arrow used his trick “booty call” arrow on Chloe but considering his track record with women, I don’t think chloliver/chlollie will last long. Besides which this is (supposedly) Allison Mack’s last season so unless Chloe AND Green Arrow are going on a very long honeymoon, it looks like she’s going to get her heartbroken yet again.

I used to think Dr. Fate’s warning that Chloe walks the “same path” as him meant she was going to go crazy or die but now I think he meant she’s destined to be alone (then go crazy & die).