Isshoni Sleeping - Sleeping with Hinako

Want to sleep with an anime character? Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is the latest in a self-help series that features ample fan service to entice you to do what should come natural.

It’s like Ambien for otaku.

It starts off with Hinako acting like a little kid. She bashfully pulls her blanket over her head and occasionally peeks out at you. But as she falls asleep, her blanket inexplicably shrinks as does her nightgown. Hinako tosses and turns into a series of panty and cleavage shots but it’s pretty tame stuff and extremely repetitive so rest assured that Hinako will put you to sleep.

Sleeping with Hinako also doubles as an alarm clock. There are six presets, ranging from 6-8 hours but you can customize the chapter playback to fit your schedule.

Hopefully the next Hinako OVA will tackle the otaku’s greatest weakness – personal hygiene! Isshoni Hygiene: Hygiene with Hinako will teach important life lessons such as bathing and how to dress yourself (with one hand).