Olympic pole dancing

The Horizontal Bar has been a part of the Olympics for over 100 years so why not the Vertical Bar?

KT Coates, Director of Vertical Dance, is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to add pole dancing to the 2012 Olympics. “Here at Vertical Dance we have been pole dancing for a very long time, we feel that its about time that pole dancing was respected for what it actually is, a physically demanding form of gymnastics, dance and fitness. We feel that the world of sport is ready to embrace the Vertical Bar and take it to the next level,” wrote Coates.

Like curling, it would start off as demonstration sport. But unlike curling, Coates says pole dancing “has the wow factor.”

You can sign the petition @ http://www.verticaldance.com/poledancingintheolympics.htm Just remember that on the off-chance that they get in, the Olympics would be obligated to have male pole dancers as well. Figure skating is starting to look a lot more manly.

For those unfamiliar with the “sport” here’s some samples: