Family Guy - Sarah Palin daughter TrigWe already knew Seth Macfarlane didn’t vote for Sarah Palin. What with his suggestion that only Nazis would vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. But last night’s Family Guy got personal. In the episode titled “Extra Large Medium” Chris Griffin asks out a special girl named Ellen, the Down Syndrome daughter of the former Governor of Alaska.

Ellen is pretty much a walking stereotype. She’s retard strong or as Stewie puts it “I’m guessing this one owned a bunny but not anymore.” But on the bright side, this strength makes her genitalia “tighter than a vice.” However after going out with Ellen, Chris realizes that people with Down Syndrome aren’t different from the rest of us, “they’re just a bunch of assholes like everyone else.”

Now as far as I know, the only child Palin has with Down Syndrome is Trig and he’s a boy. Perhaps Seth’s just trying to say anything that comes out of Palin is retarded.

And you thought Sarah Palin was mad at David Letterman.