Firefox 3.6 meets Martyr Bear 2.0Despite being downloaded by over 100 million people since its release  in January, there are still some people who didn’t know about the Firefox update (like this –>guy<–) so Mozilla started actively inviting users to upgrade this week.

Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox, assures users that “The offer screen will only appear after 60 seconds of keyboard inactivity to ensure we don’t get in the way of anyone’s activities.”

In the past 4 days, an additional 55 million have downloaded Firefox 3.6 however some holdouts have concerns about add-on compatibility. Specifically, the fact that the Personas add-on, which allows you to easily switch between custom headers & footers simply mousing over them (link), only works with Firefox’s default theme. But really that’s all you need now that L7 World has its very own Persona, featuring our official mascot and everyone’s favorite Care Bear, Martyr Bear. Unfortunately, it seems it was rejected. Apparently, they only allow Christian Bears (infidels). But you can download the header & footer below and load it manually (recommend white text color & black accent color).

Reasons to upgrade to Firefox 3.6:

  • 20% faster
  • Watch embedded videos in full screen
  • Address bar autocomplete is much faster and no longer hangs (even after you click elsewhere)
  • New tabs now open directly to the right of the referring website instead of far right (blank new tabs still open on the far right)

Get Firefox 3.6 @


I’m officially calling off the Jihad on Mozilla so cease all Firefox browser crashes!
L7 World Persona got approved after 4 days. I guess it just takes a while to get approval since so many people are submitting.
Get it at