Eleventh Doctor - Tardis
Pimp my ride, Time Lord style.

The new Doctor is in, and it’s like David Tennant never left. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing.

Matt Smith tries too hard. Rather than showing some subtle differences between the Doctors he rams it down our throats, and his own, by spitting out his once favorite foods ad nauseum.

According to Doctor Who‘s Head Writer Steven Moffat, “There’s no such thing as the Eleventh Doctor. There’s one Doctor with eleven faces. He is the same man,” which would explain why once again he steals someone’s girlfriend away to be his next “companion.”

The new series isn’t without originality though.

In almost every episode there’s a moment where a light bulb go off in the Doctor’s head but in The Eleventh Hour we finally get to see him turning the switch. When aliens encase the world inside of a force field blotting out the Sun, the Doctor notices something is amiss (other then the end of the world). The camera zooms into the Doctor’s eye and we see through his eyes. He recalls that while everyone else was taking cell phone pictures of the sun, one man’s attention was elsewhere. But instead of your typical flashback it’s shown through stop-motion still photos, a literally photographic memory. Hopefully there will be more moments like this that show us Time Lords are more than just humans with two hearts.

TARDIS regeneration.

Designer Edward Thomas brags he “pimped it up [sic].” On the outside, the windows have been darkened to form the letter “T” on each set, presumably they stand for TARDIS or perhaps “TT” could be another clue akin to Bad Wolf. And it’s not just bigger on the inside, it’s cooler too! A raised console reveals the heart of the TARDIS, which floats in a pool of black liquid. Throw in some transparent glass and neon lights and it looks a giant trunk stereo system. There’s even a new Doctor Who theme, in which the TARDIS hurtles down a funnel cloud that would give Dorothy a heart attack.

More Prophecies.

An interdimensional Multiform mocks the Doctor for not knowing the cause behind the cracks in time and space which brought it to Earth and warns him, “The Universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.” Presumably the Pandorica is a reference of Pandora’s box, and I’ll give you just one guess as to who else owns a box. As for the silence bit, which is repeated as the alien is dispatched so know it’s important, it’s as ambiguous as “he will knock four times.”