Playboy 3-D

Playboy is going 3-D in an attempt to literally reach out to customers, who have been unsubscribing in droves. In just 4 years the magazine has lost more than half of its “readers.”

“In today’s print environment, you have to create newsstand events,” said Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek.

Hugh Hefner originally wanted the centerfold to be in 3-D but the idea was nixed because of the cost of including 3-D glasses.

This time its being sponsored by HBO’s vampire series True Blood, and it shows! Of the two 3-D photos only one is actually of Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk. The other is an ad for the show. The ads even bleed into her data sheet, which lists “Eric Northman, pale complexions, Eric Northman, the color red, Eric Northman” as her turn-ons.