Doctor Who crackLike all episodes in this season of Doctor Who, “Cold Blood” ended with the same strange crack in time and space that brought the Doctor and and his new companion, Amy Pond, together in the first place.

Doctors make the worst patients.

The Doctor has given numerous warnings to avoid even looking at, let alone coming into contact with the anomaly lest your entire existence be erased, but that doesn’t stop him from  sticking his hand in it!

Fortunately, it ends up being worth the risk as the Doctor finds another piece of the puzzle: burnt debris from the TARDIS but not his TARDIS! (at least not yet)

In “Flesh and Stone” it was revealed that explosion in space-time will occur on 26/06/2010, Amy’s wedding day. This debris would seem to indicate that either the TARDIS is the cause of this explosion or that it was caught in it, finally fulfilling Dalek Caan’s prediction in “Journey’s End” that the Doctor’s “most faithful” companion would die (Dalek prophecy).

Doctor Who - Rory absorbed by CrackThe crack has appeared everywhere the current Doctor has traveled, including Earth’s distant past so if it was indiscriminately absorbing things it would have absorbed the entire world by now.

The only person we’ve actually seen the crack absorb was an already dead Rory, and that was a very deliberate act with an obvious intelligence behind it. Tendrils of light reach out for Rory, not Amy or the Doctor, who stuck his hand it!

But rather than be erased from history, Rory’s life seems to have been rewritten. He will reportedly return in the finale as Roman soldier.

Once upon a Time LordDoctor Who - Amelia  apple

According to writer Steven Moffat, Doctor Who isn’t so much a science fiction show as much as it is a fairy tale.

In “The Eleventh Hour” the Doctor even tells Amelia Pond her name is “like a name in a fairy tale.” And that’s before he finds out that she’s an orphan alone in an enormous house with a crack that leads to another world!

Moffat said his inspiration for the crack in Amelia’s bedroom was a crack in his son’s bedroom that resembled a smile.

In their first meeting, Amelia tells the Doctor how her mother would carve smiley faces into apples so she would eat them. When the Doctor shows up year later it’s only after he shows her that very same apple that Amy begins to believe in him again.

In other words, the cracked smile is not coincidental. It’s designed for Amelia’s benefit. The only question is who’s behind that smile. It could be the TARDIS, which is telepathic, or it might even be Amy’s mother, who will make an appearance in the finale.

Whibbidi-WhDoctor Who - Rory  ringobbidi-Whoo

Between Amy’s fantastical chauffeur and her fairy godmother, she’s like a modern-day Cinderella but instead of her carriage disappearing, it’s the prince that goes poof. Although Amy may have forgotten about Rory, diamonds are forever. Before Rory was erased from time, he had the foresight to take back the ring for safekeeping and put it in the TARDIS, where it was protected from changes in the timeline (and you thought he was just being cheapskate). All that’s left is for Amy to slip on this surrogate slipper and live happily ever after, which ain’t as long as it used to be.

A website, aptly named, is currently counting down to Amy’s wedding day, or as it calls it “Mission Impossible!” The site was registered on March 1st (“Flesh and Stone” air date) to Matthew Inwards of an Australian company called Active Computer Technologies (ACT). Despite the suspicious sounding name, which conjures up images of the 11th Doctor imploding, Inwards is a real person working at ACT, a company that does website marketing. Whether it’s official or not, who can say?