Digimon Battle Digimon Battle (digimonbattle.wemade.net) is the “newest” game based on the popular animated series Digimon, but it’s actually been out since 2002 in Korea, which explains why the player avatars and starter Digimon (Gigimon, Gummymon, or Viximon) are from the Digimon Tamers series of the same period.

Just like in the show, your Digimon will normally be in its weaker rookie state but during battle you can Digivolve into Champion and Mega levels. But don’t expect your opponent to wait for you. Turns are real-time, based on each character’s attack speed. As a result your greatest opponent will be Lagmon, an affectionate name for game lag that can get you killed.

It is possible to maintain your last Digivolution using items known as auras but these are very rare quest & event items and the only other way to get them is with WeCash, which you buy with real money through WeMade’s website.

Alleged MMO

Digimon Battle actually seems to discourage interaction between players. There’s no need to form parties for protection since enemies don’t initiate battle. You can even summon up to 2 extra Digimon during battle to make you own party, granted it’s more valuable time wasted. The only time you really need a party is for quests against incredibly strong Digimon, which are few and far between.

PVP is even worse. You can’t see the level of the person you’re challenging. On the other hand, the challenged player can see the challenger’s tamer level but only their main Digimon level, which means you could be in for nasty surprise if  they have significantly stronger Digimon as backup. Understandably, most people refuse challenges. That’s probably why game developer WeMade recently set up a section just for PVP.

Digimon Battle is devoid of any story whatsoever, and quests don’t go much further than “we need you to get rid of that dangerous Digimon in the Dungeon!” That just leaves catching and leveling your Digimon, and catching them has a very low rate of success. Fortunately, you can buy a special net to speed up that process. Unfortunately, you need more WeCash.

But without a doubt the most frustrating part of the game is collecting accessories (Crests, Digi-Eggs, Jewelry) to boost your stats even further. Crests have the most effect and therefore are the most difficult to acquire. To make them you have to tediously gather ingredients by hunting specific Digimon. You can combine accessories of the same type and level (+1, +2, +3 etc.) but it only increase it’s power by +1. In other words, to get a +2 item you just have to combine two +1 items (simple) but to get a +3 item you need to combine two +2 items (not so simple). With each level up the disparity becomes more evident, a +4 crest will take eight +1 crests. For +5 crests and greater you’ll also need Item Boosters, which you can win 5 of in a quest but after that you’ll need even more WeCash.

Digimon Battle ContestReturning to the Real World.

Digimon Battle isn’t a bad game, if it was I wouldn’t have played as long as I did (level 76 tamer). With enough time and effort you can collect most things for free or trade other players for their WeCash items using (a lot) free game money. Plus WeMade is constantly holding special game events that give out items, increased capture rates, or increase experience points.

But overall this game is best suited for those who enjoy all things Digi.

That’s why I’m quitting Digimon Battle and giving away all the items I’ve collected to one lucky Tamer!

All you have to do is leave a comment explaining why you’re the biggest Digimon fan. The winner will be decided on Sunday June 27th (one entry per ip, and your game character must be on the Antyla Server so I can trade you the items)


5 Items Boosters

Crest of Honesty +4 (+4% DEF, Battlelevel + 20%, Max HP + 20%)

Crest of Knowledge +4 (+4% ATT, Battlelevel + 20%, Max VP + 20%)

Crest of Love +4 (MAX HP +20%)

Digi-Egg of Sincerity +4 (CON, INT, DEX)

Digi-Egg of Light +2 (STR, DEX, INT)

Digi-Egg of Love +2 (STR, CON, INT)

Digi-Egg of Miracles +1 (STR, DEX, CON)

Earrings of Light +6 (INT)

Earrings of Victory +6 (DEX)

Charming Earrings +6 (STR)

Ring of Hope +6 (STR)

Baromon’s Ring +6 (CON)

Blue Stone Ring +5 (INT)

Earrings of Love +5 (CON)

Ring of Hope +5 (STR) (upgrade to +6 see below)

Speedy Sneakers Red Stripes (+3 DEX for about 2 weeks)

Dodger’s Cheerleader Shirt (+3 DEX for about 2 weeks)

AND MORE! (I will continue to play and add to my inventory until the winner is declared)


30 Megaphones

Ring of Hope +6 (STR) (replaces Ring of Hope +5)

IC Necklace +6 (DEX)

Earrings of Love +6 (CON)

Necklace of Light +5 (INT)

Gaia’s Necklace +5 (STR)

Sliver Necklace +5 (CON)

36 Battle Tomahawk (100% attack)

10 Holy Sevens (80% defense)

over 500k Bit (game money)


First of all I just want to say that this was a hard decision to make as you all obviously love Digimon.

But none more so than JC, who explains that Digimon is his last connection to his mom before she was killed in car accident. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to verify this but you’d have to be pretty obsessed with Digimon to make up such a story just to win a contest, which would still make you the biggest Digimon fan, albeit in an evil Digimon Emperor sort of way. So congrats JC you are the biggest Digimon fan! Regardless of whether your story is true or not, I hope you don’t get consumed by collecting Digimon and enjoy it for what it is.


Since the winner will most likely not be able to carry all the items (particularly the +3 and+4 jewelery, which weren’t listed as prizes anyway) I will divide the remaining items up between 2 runner-ups: Shinra &  Ben11171. While they enjoy playing Digimon, they also realize it’s about more than just leveling up and collecting items. It’s about making friends (real or digital) and standing by them no matter what!

I’ll email all the winners to set up the trade, and thanks again to everyone who participated.