Doctor Who The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks
The Daleks have exterminated The Beatles! (and everyone else in1963) If the Doctor doesn’t repair the timeline, Amy will disappear with along with the rest of humanity.

City of the Daleks is the first of four episodes in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, available for free (if you live in the UK) @

There are no difficulty settings and the game is very easy. A checklist keeps track of your mission requirements and Amy gives you hints when you talk to her. Most of the game involves avoiding the Daleks’ scans by finding cover and patiently waiting until your in the clear. The entire episode, including finding collectables (cards with info on current and classic Doctor Who characters), takes about an hour.

Doctor Who The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks gameplay

The hardest part of the game is getting it if you live outside the UK. An international version will be available in July for purchase but considering the quality and length of the game, I can’t see even the most avid Doctor Who fan paying more than a dollar per episode.

According to the BBC Blog they’re “making arrangements for other sites to offer them,” hopefully they’ll be charging the sites that host it and not the end user.

But why wait till July, when you can circumvent BBC’s security right now. You don’t even need a sonic screwdriver!

First, close all internet applications except for a single internet explorer webpage (no tabs).

Use to download it.

Unfortunately, the installer is better at detecting your location so find a UK proxy with high anonymity @

ip address: port: 80 worked for “my friend”

UPDATE:  you can also try ip address:  port: 3128

Then select tools in the internet explorer window > internet options > connections > LAN settings. Deselect “automatically detect settings” and enter the ip address and port number. You may have to try more than one ip, if so make sure to use your task manager to completely close out of failed installations.

The ip addresses are usually slow that’s why I recommend using daveproxy first to download it.