Futurama - Amy & Leela nakedIt was almost as if Futurama was never cancelled. The voice actors, the animation, the writing, all were as great as ever. The only noticeable change was a complete disregard for any censorship.

In the premiere episode “Rebirth” the entire Planet Express crew showed off their birthday suits covered in a fresh coat of stem cells. It’s ok though, they were harvested from adults, who were murdered for their stem cells.

Even the language was more course. At one point Fry wakes up and remarks “it’s like how I passed out in college, only no one drew magic mark penises on my forehead.”

The second episode “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” actually personified censorship by parodying V’ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Planet Express battles V-GINY, a V-CHIP satellite that gets reprogrammed and threatens to censor the Earth permanently unless Leela and Zapp Brannigan make like Adam and Eve. But best of all is Amy’s suggestion they literally go out with bang by having an orgy!

Considering what they done with Futurama, maybe The Simpsons could use a Comedy Central revamp too.