Real-Life Hoverboard
he hoverboard uses 2 Crealev Levitation Modules CLM-1+ ( base magnets are concealed inside the pedestal.

The future is finally here!

Inspired by a 2008 exhibition called “Back to the Future” French artist Nils Guadagnin set about recreating the floating skateboard featured in the movie Back to the Future II.

Guadagnin calls it “a reflexion on the multiple possibilities of how to give a sculpture full spatial autonomy.” That’s my kinda sculpture!

The hoverboard can only support 2kg (4.4 lbs.) and it requires magnets beneath it, but Guadagnin intends to “make a track with a series of magnets on it and with more strength so somebody could skate along, like Marty McFly does in the film.”

Mattel toys cashed in on the nostalgia with a non-working movie replica.

Real Hoverboard funded via Kickstarter