Shea Prueger - Pepcid Complete commercialWhen I first saw this Pepcid Complete commercial parodying a fast food restaurant, I immediately scoured the internet to find out who was the adorable actress playing Debra the cashier. Everything about her exudes cuteness: her eyes, her voice, even the little gap between her teeth.

Unfortunately, all I found was a lot of other people desperately searching for her as well. Eventually the commercial stopped airing and I stopped searching. But after recently seeing the commercial again, I gave it another go and found it had been upload on Youtube along with a name to the face. “Debra” is actual Shea Prueger, a professional model and you know what that means – lots more Shea to look at!

Uncovered a new music video by Aussie punk rockers The Death Set, which features Shea dancing naked while covered in milk… at least I hope that’s milk. (video bottom)

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