Vampires SuckFrom the people that brought you the Scary Movie franchise comes Vampires Suck, a parody of the Twilight films.

And while there’s a lot of source material to lampoon, you don’t necessarily need to have seen it all to get high-brow jokes such as vampires like to eat Count Chocula cereal.

Vampires Suck covers the first two Twilight films but also manages to S-U-B-T-L-Y reference the third despite it not even being out yet by having an actual eclipse of the new moon during twilight (the titles of all three films).

The love triangle between Becca and her supernatural suitors is handler just as delicately with an all out war between armies of teenage girls sporting Team Edward & Team Jacob t-shirts.

But just like in the actual movies Jacob has no chance of winning the heroine’s heart and ends up being figuratively and literally declawed when he transforms into a chihuahua rather than a werewolf.

Vampires Suck is one big ‘bite me’ to Twilight fans, going as far as spoiling the plot of the final movie, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, by having the characters see the movie then reveal to the fans waiting in line that they get married and have a vampire baby.