Wonder Woman new costume and Superboy jacket
Wonder Woman raids Superboy’s Wardrobe

In issue 600, Wonder Woman faces her most tyrannical opponent yet – the fashion police!

A change in the time stream has the Amazon Princess growing up in America instead of Paradise Island, yet looking less American than ever.

“The original costume was the American flag brought to life,” explains artist Jim Lee. “This one is a little more universal.”

In truth, the only thing universal about it is the criticism. Releasing this anti-American Wonder Woman on the week of 4th of July is bad enough but it’s such an obvious ripoff of Superboy’s old costume (leather jacket, red gloves, gold boot straps). She’s even been de-powered like Superboy was in his early days, and likewise is “working her way up to her full set of powers” says writer J. Michael Straczynski.