Al Jazeera Nominated for International EmmyThe International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has nominated Al Jazeera English News Hour for its coverage from both sides of the Gaza War.

They may have been physically located on both sides of the conflict but Al Jazeera wasn’t presenting both sides. Its coverage of Gaza ( includes article like “Israel’s Failure to Learn”, in which journalist Nir Rosen justifies attacks on civilians by claiming it’s actually the victims who are the terrorists.

“Terrorism is a normative term which is used to describe what the ‘other’ does, not what ‘we’ do,” said Rosen.”Powerful nations such as Israel, the US, Russia or China will always describe their victims’ struggle as terrorism. However, they fail to acknowledge as acts of terror the destruction of Chechnya, the slow slaughter of the remaining Palestinians, the repression of Tibetans, and the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Even Al Jazeera’s Director General, Khanfar Wadah, admitted they “violated [the station’s] Code of Ethics,” when they thew a televised birthday party for convicted terrorist Samir Kuntar (video below).