Judah Guber & Steven Wolf are betting on, and in some cases against, your future. Recent grads themselves, Gruber & Wolf created the website Ultrinsic.com, which allows college students to gamble on grades.

The website uses an algorithm that analyzes the student’s transcript, course difficulty, and the wager amount to determine the odds.

The best payouts will go to long-shots like graduating with a 4.0 GPA, which returns $2,000 on a $20 bet (open to freshman only). Students can even bet against themselves by purchasing insurance against bad grades (max: $25 per course).

Ultrinsic contends it’s not a gambling website (which would be illegal). It “provides incentives to students for academic achievement.”

“Our business model relies on the fact that some people reach that grade and some won’t but either way they’ll see a huge improvement in their academic standing,” says Guber. “It’s a win win.”


  1. University of California-Berkeley
  2. University of Southern California
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California-Los Angeles
  5. University of Connecticut
  6. Howard University
  7. American University
  8. George Washington University
  9. Georgetown University
  10. Indiana University-Bloomington
  11. Brandeis University
  12. Boston College
  13. Harvard University
  14. Boston University
  15. Michigan State University
  16. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  17. North Carolina State University
  18. University of North Carolina
  19. Wake Forest University
  20. Duke University
  21. Rutgers University
  22. CUNY Queens College
  23. SUNY Binghamton
  24. Syracuse University
  25. St. Johns University
  26. New York University
  27. Columbia University
  28. Pennsylvania State University
  29. University of Pittsburgh
  30. University of Pennsylvania
  31. Princeton University
  32. University of Texas-Austin
  33. Texas Tech University
  34. Texas A&M University
  35. Brigham Young University
  36. University of Wisconsin-Madison