15. K&G Fashion Superstore commercial: Do not attempt to use a pogo stick in traffic while blindfolded (non-disclaimer version).

14. Bud Light commercial: Do not trip your waiter because he ignores you.

13. Bud Light commercial: Do not let your dog drive.

12. Bud Light commercial: Do not literally catch a taxi.

11. Bud Light commercial: Do not break up with your boyfriend by pushing him out of a moving car.

10. Bud Light commercial: Do not use a nailgun to attach a flower to a tuxedo.

9. Bud Light commercial: Do not attempt to get your girlfriend to come to her window by hitting it with a wrecking ball and burning her name in the grass.

8. Emerald Nuts commercial: “Never commit arson. Not even once.”

7. Emerald Nuts commercial: “Never open an airplane door while airborne. Very bad things will happen.”

6. Corvette commercial: Kids do not attempt to drive because this isn’t a commercial, “This is a dream,” which is totally different.

5. Axe Detailer commercial: The scrubber will clean your balls but “Take care when using on sensitive areas.”

4. Nicorette commercial: It’s not the man, who’s oblivious to a shark eating his arm, that’s a misrepresentation, it’s how fast Nicorette cures cravings. “Dramatization. Craving relief in 5 minutes.”

3. Hyundai Tiburon commercial: Do not attempt drive on water and attack ships like Jaws

2. Bridgestone commercial: Do not drive recklessly… on the Moon!

1. Jeep Liberty Renegade commercial: Do not attempt to launch your jeep out of an exploding volcano!


In this Cascade Complete commercial, powder and gel detergent come alive and join forces to fight an actual monster stain, but believe it or not, it’s a “Dramatization.” It’s the disclaimer to end all disclaimer.


Above version has been removed but there’s a two new versions: one in which little people who live in your dishwasher shoot laser beam at your dirty dishes and another with miniature construction workers. Both are still just dramatizations.

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2012