Legion election - Earth-manDC Comics is letting fans choose who will be the new leader of the Legion of Superheroes but unless you’re a major nerd, you probably don’t know who half the candidates are (just like real politics). Fortunately, there’s only one name you need to remember this November: Earth-Man, AKA Kirt Niedrigh.

The Legion initially rejected Niedrigh, claiming his ability being to absorb powers was “too limited” but he knew real reason was discrimination against humans. It seems even in the 31st century, aliens are stealing our jobs.

Niedrigh formed his own superhero team, consisting of other rejected humans, and tried to deport these aliens so that no other human would ever know the pain of not getting into your first choice of superhero teams. Although he was ultimately defeated, he did earn a spot on the Legion as its token human. Now he needs your help to change things from the inside.

Vote Earth-Man for Legion Leader @ LegionElection.com (voting ends November 20th).