A very adult-looking Chloe Sullivan made her debut this week in Action Comics #839, but the makeover is more than skin-deep.

Writer Nick Spencer explains, “She’s never existed in the comics before, so in order to make a part of Clark’s life when he was a teenager in Smallville, you’d have to do it somewhat retroactively, and it would age Chloe as a character a lot, since Superman is well past that part of his life in the books.”

Spencer promises to stay as true to the spirit of the character as he can.

“She’s the same strong-willed, funny, and fearless girl people know and love from the show,” he said. “She’s from Smallville, and calling back to the earlier seasons, she’s a reporter. She and Jimmy have some history, too.”

One thing that hasn’t change is their rocky relationship. Chloe mutually agrees to break up with Jimmy, who’s in a bit of a rut since Superman left town or as he likes to call it, downtime. Cue the alien invasion “that causes him to embark on a huge adventure that takes him across space and alternate realities to prove something to himself and her.”